Christian County Real Estate Transaction Lawyers

Illinois Landowner Rights and Property Disputes

Due to the complexity of real estate law and the amount of money involved, you need a real estate lawyer to protect your financial interests and your rights as a property owner. Whether you are buying or selling property, investing in property or involved a land use dispute, our real estate law attorneys will make sure you are protected.

At the law firm of Beavers, Graham & Calvert, our real estate law practice covers transactions, land use and zoning, litigation of disputes, and issues related to income tax planning. We most often represent individual landowners of residential, commercial and agricultural property. You can come to us with complex real estate matters and trust in our experience to help you find a solution.

Investments, Transactions and Litigation

Attorney James O. Beavers has experience as a former Internal Revenue Service agent and estate tax examiner for the U.S. Treasury Department. He was also on the advisory board for the Illinois Department of Revenue. His knowledge of tax law, specifically IRS code section 1031, helps people looking to reinvest in the agricultural property while avoiding the capital gain on tax-free exchanges. He can advise you on tax-free exchanges and other income tax planning matters.

In addition, our lawyers handle real estate issues involving land use and zoning in condemnation cases. If the government is trying to take your land for public use, you need a lawyer to make sure you receive fair market value for your property. Attorney Edward T. Graham, Jr. has assisted landowners in condemnation matters involving the acquisition of airport property, property for the construction of power lines and pipelines, as well as the expansion of US Route 51 and Illinois State Highways 16 and 29, in Christian and Macon Counties, Illinois.

If you are buying or selling property, we can handle the transactions, title review and closing. We also litigate real estate disputes over issues such as boundaries, easements and zoning ordinances.

To make an appointment, please call our Christian County real estate transaction attorneys at 217-498-3126 or contact us online.